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Meat Heals​

Michael treated his back pain on carnivore diet

Hi, My name is Michael. I’ve been carnivore for 3 months. This diet is crazy, let’s get that straight. Acknowledge it and own it, and you will see great benefits as I have.


Bad diet led to surgery

I lived the typical American diet, with a pretty serious addiction to refined sugars. Every night I ‘d have multiple servings of sugar – sleeves of oreos, cake, and when I was trying to be healthy, pounds of frozen grapes. Of course, your typical sodas, juices etc throughout the day as well. I’m 5’5 and ballooned up to 215 lbs. I had so much belly fat that my back muscles weakened, as they were busy carrying my belly weight. In January of 2018, I started experiencing sciatica pain. This quikcly evolved into a severely herniated disc, which required surgery and 8 weeks recovery. I knew something had to change.


Experimenting with all the diets

Looking for a different way, I started a diet plan that I thought would work for me – experimenting with different diets every 2 weeks. That way, I thought, I wouldn’t get bored of any one diet and whatever I was doing, it would be healthier than before. So I did Atkins, Vegetarian, South Beach, Vegan….and then carnivore.


Sticking it out

My first carnivore meal after the vegan diet was incredible. But the next 13 and a half days were absolute hell. I was exhausted, my stomach was a mess, I got bored of my meals…I was miserable. But a number of people told me not to quit, that 3 weeks or so is pretty miserable and then the results came. I was skeptical and thought it was BS. I had noticed my back pain (residual from surgery months earlier) actually went away – for the first time in over a decade. I realized that when it came back when I started eating low carb for my next diet. So I decided to listen to the carnivore community and went back, and finished off 2 more weeks.


Craving steaks

The stomach got normal, the sugar cravings went away, and I started having energy. Further more, and surprisingly, I started actually craving steaks. I realized I was trying too many different meats, trying to eat at “meal time” and not when I was hungry and was making it miserable for myself. Once I found my preferences (T-Bone, Porterhouse, Rib Eye and Strip Loin…sometimes burgers and Cheddar), all with tons of salt and butter…I would seriously crave a rib eye after dinner. I also started eating one, maybe two times per day and was fine.


So much energy

Now, about 3-4 months later, I feel great physically. I never had mental clarity or depression, so mentally I feel the same, except happier with how I look, as I’ve lost 35 pounds. Most importantly, no back pain, which is incredible for me. I still am extremely tired in the morning (I have Obstructive Sleep Apnea) but am a ball of energy – frequently rising at 7 am and productive well through 1 am. Also, yes, for men, the rumors of sexual energy are true and have increased.


I thought this diet was insane before I started. I knew it was insane when I started, and I still acknowledge that it seems insane. In hindsight, I can see that the results are really the only insane part.


Mark treated Lyme disease on a carnivore diet

Hi, my name is Mark. I want to share my path to health on a carnivore diet with you.


Lyme on a vegan diet

When I was 19 years old, I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. After one clueless doctor after another, I decided the way I was going to get well, was to take matters into my own hands. I was a pizza delivery guy at the time, and I came across Gary Null’s Natural Living radio show. He preached a vegetarian diet, preferably vegan, and cited countless health benefits in living that lifestyle. It made perfect sense to me, so I adopted the veggie life. 2 years into it, I was wondering, what the heck is the deal? This isn’t working like Gary said it would. But at that point, I was so brainwashed by the vegan propaganda, that I knew I’d get healthy eventually if I kept detoxing, cleansing, meditating and exercising. Another year or two later, I decided to go a more drastic route, and became a raw food vegan.


Going raw vegan

I was eating seeds, nuts, fruits and vegetables in their raw, uncooked state. For the first time in my life, I felt a shift in my health. I started to feel a lot better. The raw food diet made sense. I became so passionate about it, that I would tell anyone and everyone. I started only dating girls who were raw vegan. I went to raw vegan potlucks and events. I was hooked. At one of the events, someone told me about the 80/10/10 diet, and how that was the ultimate form of eating raw vegan. I gave it a try, and was hooked even more! I felt invincible. I was running everywhere I went. Strength was going up. I felt like a kid again. I went and got nutrition certifications, so I could have some credentials when I started teaching people how to eat this way.


My teeth were rotting

My first blow came when I went to the dentist, because one of my teeth literally broke in half one day when I was sitting there. It just fell apart. That was kind of strange. I had 17 cavities at the dentist. 17!!! I ended up having 3 teeth pulled because they were rotten beyond repair. They couldn’t even do a root canal on them. My teeth were rotting out of my skull like I was on meth. What was the raw vegan remedy? Green juice of course! I started juicing the daylights out of greens. 6 glasses a day. Which of course, upset my stomach a great deal. Man is not meant to be drinking green juices.


More vegan problems

Anyway, after the dental incident, I started noticing other symptoms I couldn’t ignore anymore. My anxiety and social withdrawal became a BIG problem. I couldn’t go out in public anymore. I started having phobias too. In addition to that, my Lyme Symptoms started coming back worse than ever. I used to be able to watch muscle spasms in my legs and arms like it was an entertainment show. My digestion became so bad that I could only digest fruit. Not even a salad. My body temperature dropped so low that I couldn’t even be outside if it wasn’t 80 out. And I kept the heat on 78 in my house in the winter, while wearing thermal everything. I decided to finally realize veganism was destroying me, worse than the Lyme Disease ever did. Every good thing I experienced on the diet was only temporary.


Trying every diet

For about 10 years after veganism, I went from one diet to another. Ultimately, I settled on low carb paleo, because they made me feel best. My problem though, was always intense cravings for sweets. And I always gave in to muffins and cookies. This went on for years. One day on Facebook, I came across the concept of eating a zero carb diet. I didn’t see how this was possible. I actually laughed at and mocked the people doing it. Until I started reading stories and seeing how healthy people looked.


Carnivore for the first time

Eventually, I said screw it, and gave it a shot. I felt HORRENDOUS, and gave up after 5 days or so. Then went back to my mostly paleo diet. I bounced back and forth between paleo and carnivore about a dozen times, before finally realizing that carnivore is THE diet.


Nearly every ailment or symptom I’ve ever had is completely gone:


  • No more Lyme disease symptoms
  • My digestion is better than it’s ever been in my life.
  • My energy is outstanding, like I’m 18 again.
  • I have absolutely no cravings (except for coffee, because I love it so much).
  • I feel more like a man.
  • I feel strong. Confident.
  • My mental clarity is on point.
  • My sex drive is alive and well.
  • My 10+ year dandruff issue cleared up.
  • My gums stopped being swollen and bleeding, which is a problem I dealt with since childhood.

It’s almost miraculous what this meat based diet has done for me.


What do I eat?

Mostly beef: steaks and hamburgers. Occasional ground turkey or something in a pinch. Occasional bacon as well. I eat about 1-2 dozen eggs a week. I drink a cup of black coffee a day, rarely two cups. I use kerrygold butter. I’ve tinkered with cheese and heavy cream a bit. They don’t agree with me at all, so I cut them out. I’m pretty much beef, eggs and coffee only.


This diet has given me my life back. And if one struggling vegan reads this and decides to make the switch, then this was all worth writing out and submitting!

Marcus fixed his food cravings on a carnivore diet

Hi Folks, my name is Marcus. Here’s my story.


My first attempt at healthier eating

like many people, weight gain wasn’t a problem until my late thirties as I slowed down and ate more comfort foods. I’ve always included supposedly high nutrient plant foods in my diet (Kale, wild Spinach, asparagus, etc.) but also was eating plenty of whole wheat breads and the occasional junk food. In May of this year I dropped the junk and bread and went paleo with decent results, but I still had cravings for sugary foods at times. Fruit, no sugar added peanut butter, etc. I lost about 12 pounds over two months.


Carnivore for more benefits

Then I saw a video about carnivore and started really studying the underlying science and history before starting about 2 months ago. All I can say is WOW!

  • I don’t get hungry anymore.
  • I have to remind myself to eat.
  • I don’t get sugar cravings either.
  • Lost another 18 pounds and feel so much better.
  • My mood has gotten better. My wife says I’m much more even keel than before.
  • My libido is up and I’m stronger.
  • Some of the color is coming back to my gray hair.

Better then supplements

I’ve tried a lot of supplements over the years, and none of them have ever made me feel any different. Carnivore on the other hand has made me feel great. Won’t be going back to plants, that’s for damn sure.


What I eat

I typically eat eggs over-easy from my own chickens and different cuts of venison and beef, depending on what I’m in the mood for. I don’t get hung up on portions. I think one of the biggest proofs that this is the way we are designed to eat is that you DON’T have to measure everything out and count calories.


Eating like our ancestors

I’ll be honest, being an amateur archaeologist, I love getting into debates with people that talk about how we aren’t designed to eat meat. Especially when they start spouting non-sense about our teeth. They’re a little surprised to find out that there are millions of human “teeth” in the historical record that are up to 9″ long, razor sharp, and harder than steel. When they dispute this claim, I just whip out my latest spear-head find. They still can’t always wrap their head around the fact that large canines have nothing to do with eating meat, they’re designed for killing and protection.

Victor increased energy, improved mental health on carnivore diet

Hi there,

I’m 23 years old from france, and 4 month in the carnivore diet….

Diet past: I will try to make it short… I stopped eating meat pretty early, red meat around 16, thinking to do good and looking to improve my athletic life, as media’s were starting to claim the danger of meat… what followed then have been a progressively eliminating animal product diet, with some very bad digestive health at some point, and ended up raw fruitarian at 22 years old. ( with some exception in my diet at some time).

I was oh so convinced that it was the optimal diet.

My general health wasn’t bad. I was in a good shape, active, and could perform in sports, even in the cold, and was in better health than most of the people around me. I am a strong willing person so I guess that’s why I was still active.

But that changed during last winter, when I had to admit that something wasn’t working and that it wasn’t sustainable. I started craving meats and reading article about the benefits of meat and in general animal products. (Weston A price foundation).

I reintroduced animal products but was still eating big quantity of carbohydrates in all forms, that resulted in a weight gain, anyway my health was getting better, so I switched to a keto diet and I started to lose some fat… I don’t remember how I found about the carnivore diet but I decided to give it a try about 4 months ago … one of my motivation was to lose the fat I gained. So what I mostly ate was beef, lamb, chicken, organ meats, raw cheese, raw butter, raw milk, yogurt, tallow to cook, bone broth….

* Better sleep
* Better mental
* More energy
* Very good adaptation to cold climate
* Better sex life and I guess a better hormonal functioning
* Not hungry all the day
* Good digestion overall, no gas
* Lost some fat
* Gained muscle mass (I wasn’t looking to gain some as I was already athletic but with all that protein I think you just can’t avoid it )
* I probably forget some others benefits.

Some side effects would be constantly thirsty, so want to pee numerous time throughout the day, hard to find a balance between constipated and loose stools, and some muscle cramps/contraction during exercice, even with a copious amount of salt eaten and magnesium supplementation as recommended, but why would you need to supplement if that’s the optimal diet ?

Anyway I will keep going with this way of eating, don’t know for how long, I guess as long as I’m happy with it, I would like to lose a little bit more fat in some area, but don’t get too big in muscle, I just hope this woe is not causing any damage in the body as we don’t have yet any LONG term study.

So to conclude, very happy overall after this 4 months experience, never felt better.

Meat heals.

Darryl improved hair, sex, skin, treated back pain on carnivore diet

So far I have been a carnivore for approximately 3 months. I began after Dr. Shawn Baker was on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and also Dr. Jordan Peterson. I listened to their evidence provided and decided to give it a try.

Since I began I have lost just over 50lbs. I can say my skin has improved a bit, and hair too. Mostly I have noticed an increase in sex drive, and weight loss. Less pain in my back due to weight loss and as well ketones I assume. But I won’t go back to anything else BUT this.

Chris improved digestion and mood on a carnivore diet

Around grade 10 in high school I began taking interest in health after starting to rock climb. I wanted to lose weight and gain a ton of strength, and knew I couldn’t do that with the diet I had- consisting basically of pizza and soda. For the first 2 months, I just tried reducing calories, and prioritizing protein. After that, I started to gravitate towards veganism. 

I had heard for so long that it was just right to eat plants, and that meat was terrible for humans, and worst of all I believed it. It didn’t take long before my sex drive, mental health, and digestion plummeted. After that, my skin became chronically inflamed, I started developing knee problems (patella tendinitis), my muscles were always sore, I had problems sleeping, I had no motivation, and became very very disconnected from people and nature. I was immensely awkward, and my confidence was non existent. After around 6 months, I switched off of it back onto a more health conscious approach to the initial diet. 

I only ate organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains, grassfed meats, wild caught fish, and no sugar (except on weekends because I had a really intense sugar addiction and couldn’t go longer than that without binging. I’m talking maybe 5000 calories worth of food in one cheat meal, of pure sugar and processed vegetable oils and grains). I fluctuated into veganism once again for around 3 months, and it was a like IBS central. 

No more I said, and decided that I was going to try to make myself physically well as a goal. I found keto soon after, and felt amazing for the first few months- but soon enough I just felt as though it still wasn’t getting me where I wanted to go. Around the time when my hope in dieting began to fade, I stumbled upon Mikhaila Peterson’s story while listening to an interview with Jordan Peterson. I was baffled at first by the idea, but then did a bit more research. 

I had already listened to Primaledgehealth, a popular keto channel on YouTube, for a while and saw that they were talking more and more about the benefits of meat. Then I found Shawn Baker through searching, and the on and on as I kept finding more and more I recognized this might be my path. 

I remember now that I had already heard of this diet- legendary bodybuilder Vince Gironda followed a carnivore diet as well, and had insane success when it came to his physique. So, it can help me with my overall wellness and make me jacked as hell to eat steak all the time? Sign me the hell up! After 2 weeks, this past summer starting the diet, I noticed astronomical results. I was leaner, more vascular, with a fuller physique. But that wasn’t the best part. The best part was that my confidence came back, and my clarity and my calm. 

I had a shitty relationship at the time and I had put off ending it for months. Within those two weeks, I calmly dealt with what I had to do. I believe deeply that my decision then was only carried out because this new diet gave me my mental well being back. Since then, my skin has cleared up, my sleep has improved, I don’t have IBS symptoms, I’m almost never anxious, have gone from working out sporadically and sluggishly to frequently, consistently and energetically, my social skills have improved, my sex drive has quadrupled, my hair grows nearly 1.5-2x as fast, I can handle pain better, I have no cravings for sugar or unhealthy foods, my teeth don’t hurt, and my muscle builds faster. Meat, in many ways, saved my life.

Nick improved anxiety on a carnivore diet

It was November of 2016. I’d had a stressful half decade with lots of difficult situations arising from my business and personal life.

I had always had a problem keeping my weight down, and for the previous 6 months, I had been on a “healthy diet” of porridge and fruits for breakfast, and dry meats such as chicken with lots of vegetables and rice for dinner. Basically as dry and fat free as possible.

I was skipping lunches and breakfast a lot of days as it was the only way to bring down my weight, even though I exercised 5 days a week for an hour. Things like swinmming, cycling and walking every day.

I’d got from around 15 stone down to 13 which was awesome, and I looked great. But things were not going so well inside.

Various doctors from the age of 35-40 had issued stern warnings about blood pressure which never seened to go below 140/80 no matter what I did or how much weight I lost. Same for blood glucose which stayed at around 6 fasting, which my doctor told me was prediabetic. And of course cholesterol was high.

I tried including more grains, pasta’s and breads, all wholemeal and made my own spelt flour bread at home. I used only healthy vegetable oils and avoided any kind of saturated fat like the plague. Meat consumption was minimal.

Then in November of 2016 I had a nervous breakdown. It was the most awful hideous time of my life. It started with panic attacks that got worse and worse until I could not cope anymore. I was walking the city all night as I could not go to bed. I could not be in the same room as my daughter. The doctor gave me SSRi’s and I binned them.

I went on a long mission, researching herbs and spent a year trying to treat myself with Passion Flower, Vervain, Chamomile, Lemon Balm. When I needed to I used diazepam which I sourced myself as the doctor refused to give it to me. It is a better option for occasional use than SSRI medication as not only does it work, it doesn’t require 2 months of use to start working.

The problems continued to grow, until I started having problems urinating. I could not pass urine and ended up in the hospital A&E. They found nothing wrong with me and I realised after some time it was related to the nervous breakdown.

Things carried on for 2 years or more and got so bad I decided to close my business as i could not cope anymore.

My business partner insisted I took a break, which I did. My wife and I left my daughter with my mother and we went to Greece.

Now in Corfu, I stumbled across something completey by accident. There was not a lot of vegetables and grains there, but a lot of meat, kebabs and grill-houses. So relucatantly and with concern I was eating very fatty meat, mostly lamb. Some pork.

I started to notice a decent improvement in my symptoms which at first I thought was down to the holiday but in the end I realised was not. Every time I ate a meat heavy dinner I felt better.

So we got back from Greece and I decided to keep eating the same way and used a lot of yogurt, salads with tomatoes and of course lamb.

There was an improvement in my symptoms, the urinating became easier and i felt less anxiosu but I was still unable to handle much, not sleeping and having to run away from simple situations that I could not deal with.

This carried on for a while until my ongoing research let me to stumble across the Ketogenic diet. Worried but desperate for help I tried it.

I had mixed results with it. I did lose a lot of weight but in the end I think I was feeling worse. I kept a diary and as the diet went on I was finding that many days had entries about being very stressed or the urination problem getting worse.

I was eating a lot of vegetables on Keto, mainly because I found myself very constipated if I did not. I was also having to use Flax seeds to stay regular.

There mental problems were not going and I had terrible acne across my back, plus lots of other minor things like joint pains and stuff you put down to being older.

I’d been buying every klnd of supplement imaginable as well, as I was convinced after my trip to Greece I could resolve the breakdown that had now lasted nearly 3 years with diet. But I did not know how.

I used minerals, amino acids, vitamins, nootropics, you name it. None of them worked well and I had bad reactions to some of them, especially B vitamins and things like Inositol.

So my research led me away from the risk taking Keto dieters and I came across some proper nutters. The Zero carb people.

There were some pretty wild claims in this community – but I already knew somehow that meat had a part healing effect on me, incidentally only Beef and Lamb, not pork or poultry.

I had been studying and researching and analysing the nutritional composition of the beef and lamb as compared to chicken and pork, desperately trying to pinpoint what it was that was helping me and recreate it with supplements. I failed again and again.

So in December of 2018 I decided, with nervousness to try a highly risky diet of just meat and fat.

I think within 3 days my general mood lifted massively. I started to notice the cheeky upbeat way I was speaking with people and how much I was smiling. I felt a lot more relaxed and was able to handle stressful situations and work without freaking out.

And most importanlty I started to notice at least in the daytime I was almost urinating with normal ease.

The tension in my body that was causing so many problems was easing up. The panic and anxiety were lifting too.

I carried on with this diet for about 2 weeks and really believed it was going to cure me of my problems. However failure struck when I became so badly constipated I could not carry on with the diet.

I went back to lots of vegetables and managed to get my digestion moving but noticed that my anxiety was coming back and the difficulty urinating due to muscle tension was back as bad as ever too.

I went in and out of carnivore and keto because of constipation, I did not want the veg because my nervous breakdown started to vanish without it, but I could not get normal bowel movements without it.

I noticed that in the period when I removed all veg, lots of other little things improved. My skin looked clearer. The aches and pains in my joints i put down to age dissapeared. My feet lost the cracked skin and nasty looking parts. My hair got shinier. My gums no longer bled when I brushed my teeth. The list went on.

My wife suggested I try removing the flax seeds because of the acne on my back and sure enough 3 days later the spots started to dry up. Well they were more like cysts really it was awful. A month later the scars still show although the spots are gone.

So for the past month I have been experimenting with different vegetables desperately trying to find some i can eat to keep my bowels moving. I was really upset to see so many zero carb people saying how much better their digestion was without plants. Mine stops and becomes backed up for days or weeks.

Everytime I introuduced any kind of veg ALL the symptoms of anxiety came back.

I haven’t been able to have a continuous run of meat only to see if it will eventually cure me totally but I can say that after 3 days most of my symptoms lessen by probably 70% which is massive.

I have discovered in the past week that Avocado helps me to go to the toilet, and it doesnt bring back my symptoms like vegetables so I am currently trying out a diet of meat and avocado only and it looks promising. I am feeling good and I feel like if I can stick to this I will eventually be totally cured.

I am still researching, i’ve read a lot of books about plants and  I think I understand the mechanism of what’s happening when I eat them, but the whole thing has blown my mind. It’s totally nuts.

We signed up for a new doctor the other day, and on the form one of the questions was Do you Eat a Healthy Diet (this is lots of vegetables, fruits and grains and low fat)

2 years ago I was trying to follow that advice, now I look at it and think, jesus, the doctors are going to kill people with that advice.

I think the growing trend of this vegan agenda being pushed onto us is also very concerning for me. It worries me how the enire world, huge nutritional agencies and every healthcare system has managed to get this so wrong.

Oh by the way, one more thing. My new doctor wanted to take my blood sugar and pressure as a routine check they do on all new patients.

My fasting glucose which never went below 6 is now 5.1 and my blood pressure was read at 120/70. I was just shocked. After all the fat and salt I have been eating I was expecting high blood pressure.

I haven’t had my cholesterol checked yet, I am not sure it’s worth bothering really……



Scott improved sleep, strength, muscularity, and more on a carnivore diet

25 year old former athlete Scott switched from keto to carnivore, and reported:

  • Stopped constant anxious madness of calorie counting keto recipes, etc
  • Sleep better
  • Stronger on lifts
  • Happier
  • Dropped inches on my waist
  • Gained muscularity
  • More sex drive
  • More energy and mental clarity
  • Cheaper

Watch or listen to Scott’s interview on the podcast below:

Daniel improved sleep, energy, headaches, chronic injuries on carnivore diet

I had eaten the Standard American Diet for most of my life but with a heavy emphasis on “healthy” grains and “low fat” everything.  As I went through college as a young adult I found my health beginning to decline.  My waist circumference went over 40 inches, my BMI went over 35 and I was so exhausted all the time that I fell asleep at the wheel while driving a number of times. Through nothing more than sheer luck I didn’t kill myself or anyone else on the road but as a man in his early 20s, keeping one’s eyes open at 5:00pm shouldn’t be a problem!

I realized I had to do something so for several years I followed the traditional advice of low fat, lots of healthy grains, and elimination of meat products.  As I was not making a lot of money, going vegetarian was an easy way to accomplish this.

Not only did I fail to lose any weight on a vegetarian diet, I was constantly hungry and miserable.  I stopped sleeping well at night and was falling asleep in class and even at work.  My free testosterone was measured at 202, about 1/3 where it should have been at my age.  I had no sex drive, constant aches in every joint of my body, frequent nosebleeds, headaches, and a constant malaise that would probably have been diagnosed as clinical depression if I had access to medical care at the time.

After hearing some success stories on the internet with low carbohydrate diets I eventually decided to try it and the change was almost immediate.  Within a month I had lost around 10 pounds, I no longer felt groggy in the afternoon, and I felt full of life for the first time in years.  After college I made it a lifestyle and began to incorporate more and more meat while displacing grains, roots, fruits, and yes even lots of vegetables. 

 My blood triglycerides and blood pressure went to optimal levels.  My HDL cholesterol improved and my LDL (though never elevated before) stayed in a healthy range.  I had so much energy that I began working out religiously, taking a great joy in barbell training and progressing rapidly in my physical strength while seeing my body get leaner and stronger.  I was no longer hungry all day, my joint pain was gone, and I finally felt as if my body was being used and nourished the way it had evolved to be.  The assumed issues of constipation, upset stomach, cramping, vitamin deficiency, weight gain, hypertension and so forth that we have been told would be the result of eating a lot of meat have proven to be completely false in my opinion.  In fact, I used to be victim to bouts of upset stomach and diarrhea multiple times per week but now that is a thing of the past.

I have subsequently sustained injuries where surgery was recommended.  I had a herniated disc and a SLAP tear (labrum tear) in my right shoulder.  Both of these resolved quickly while eating a diet of 90+ percent meat.
Meat healed me.  Meat gave me a quality of life that I never dreamed of. 

The dietary recommendations of eating a diet of primarily grain and vegetables made me sick and are based on very shaky science. I implore anybody with influence over dietary recommendations for any population to re-examine the role of meat in a healthy diet and keep in mind that there are a huge number of confounding factors with meat consumption. 

Meat consumers tend to eat a lot of their meat between two pieces of bread with a bag of chips and a large sugary cola.  They have a tendency to ignore all health recommendations in general and thus tend to smoke more, drink more, and drive without their seatbelt.

Now I enjoy a full life and tell others about how I have improved virtually every aspect of my life by eating lots of meat and little else.  I have seen those close to me heal their bodies and reclaim a quality of life they thought was behind them.

Bobby improves prostate function, lowers PSA score on carnivore diet

I’m a male, age 83, and this is Aug. 4, 2019.   I began the carnivore diet in late 2018.

I’ve lost approximately 5 or 6  inches on my waist and, at 5’11,” reduced my weight by 40 or 50 pounds (from 230 to 180) since doing the paleo diet (started 30 months ago), followed by the low-carb-high-fat diet (started 18 months ago) followed by the carnivore diet (started 8 months ago). 

The biggest and most sustained weight losses occurred once I went carnivore. 

My biggest problem for the past decades has been prostate enlargement.  The most troubling symptoms have been pain on urination (including occasional bouts of prostatitis) and restricted urination flow.    On starting the carnivore diet, I noticed immediate and significant relief from these prostate symptoms.    No pain, no burning, free flowing urine.  

Now for the proof.  Over the last decade, my PSA levels had been on the rise, having significantly  exceeded 4.0 (above-normal reference range) since 2012.    In January 2019 and July of 2019, my PSA decreased to 3.2 and then 3.1.

In full disclosure, I took Dutasteride (Avodart) for 60 days ending this April.  I stopped because it did not help.    Avodart’s literature warns that stopping Avodart will curtail any benefit and perhaps even make symptoms worse.   I noticed no change on starting or stopping.  

My only other prescription is Synthroid for a hypo-thyroid condition that I’ve had under control for more than 50 years. 

I’ve always been active and so I bicycle in the hilly area of Reno 3 times a week, totalling about 100 miles. 

Since being on the carnivore diet, I’ve lost my taste for chicken.   Late this Spring, I removed eggs because I noticed a slight increase in prostate symptoms with egg consumption.   That leaves my diet with high fat dairy, lots of beef (mostly, but not all, grass fed) and some pork products.    

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