Andrew improved digestion, brain fog, joint pain, libido on carnivore diet

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Hi My name is Andrew 
I gave up alcohol 5 years ago which is a great achievement in itself.
2 years after giving up the drink I though my health would have improved but I found it getting worse. I had problems with Libido, gut issues, brain fog, poor memory, joint pain, lack of energy and I also became fat.
In 2017 I read 84 books and I’ve lost count of the podcasts I’ve listen to, all health related.
I did 6 months of Keto where I did loose some weight but it was until New Years Day 2019 I began my Carnivore Journey. The first month or two I wasn’t sure that this was the right way of eating for me, I didn’t feel quite right.
 I stuck with it and I can tell you I’m so happy I did. I’m like a teenager again,my libido returned, testosterone through the roof at 1020mg/dL . No more gut issues, no more brain fog, memory and mind sharp as ever it was, joint pain no longer, fat evaporated with solid muscle and strength build with just 10 minute bodyweight workouts 4 times a week.
I dreamed of having a six pack at 18 now I have one. My advice to anyone jumping in board with this diet is that transition may take some time, just stick with it and you’ll come out the other side like I have. I have my life back.

Listen to Andrew’s interview on the podcast here:

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14 thoughts on “Andrew improved digestion, brain fog, joint pain, libido on carnivore diet”

  1. This is one of the best ones I’ve seen! Older gentleman, went from fat and depressed looking, to VIBRANT and absolutely shredded. Wow. Talk about a powerful testimony!

  2. Andrew your a true inspiration. Can you please tell me what your 10 minute bodyweight workouts is?
    I plan to give the Carnivore diet a try and I would love to have the workout routine you used.

  3. WOW. I mean, wow.

    Congratulations, Andrew – your tenacity has surely paid off, and will no doubt continue to for the rest of your life.

  4. Wow Andrew, that is amazing! Yes, I would like to know what your workout routine is also. I am going to be 61 soon and I was thinking of trying the TRX system to tone my body, but it looks like your system works awesome.

  5. How inspiring for those of us who are older. Like the others before me I would be happy to know what your workout is. I’m 63 and even lifting weights hasn’t helped me to look like that, lol.

  6. Absolutely brilliant Andrew. Have seen a couple of other comments asking about your 10min exercise program. Would you mind posting it?

  7. Michael Correia

    After reading your post it was indeed very inspiring. I am 54 and really determined for change. Been on Carnivore for 3 weeks and going through everything you identified,brain fog, temptation to eat the wrong foods. Your before / after is the best I have seen. My next step after a few more weeks is like many others I have seen, what is your workout routine. Thank you for sharing your success story.

  8. Andrew,
    Dude, fantastic Physique results. You have inspired this over 50 man to convert to carnivore and hope to match your shredded stated. Great job and thanks for sharing.

  9. Amazing transformation Andrew. Everyone is asking about the workout programme I would be interested in know what you ate each day on the carnivore diet? Did you stick with red meat or did you have variety in terms of meats?
    Again big achievement 👏

  10. Andrew I couldn’t understand but you said workout fasted then don’t eat for 12 hours or 12 minutes?
    You’re energy is amazing. Thank you

  11. Inspiring. I’m on mostly carnivore diet. It looks like adding a bit of cardio every day is going to finally give me the 6pack.

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